International Franchise Growth: Taking your Franchise Global

You’ve already grown your company through franchising and now you can’t ignore those organic leads that have found their way to your site asking to open a location in Saudi Arabia. In general, the sale of an international franchise is about the same process as to a domestic franchisee. But the implications that come with international franchise growth are what really means changing your business model as you branch out into other countries. How do you go about this process without losing control? How do you maintain the integrity of your brand while franchising globally and train, support and manage while integrating new cultures, demographics and countries? There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking to franchise internationally. If managed correctly, international franchise growth is an amazing opportunity, in fact, many of the world’s largest brands are growing internationally at a more rapid pace than they are domestically.

Recruiting Global Franchises

How do you start recruiting others to market and sell your brand? How do you get the word out there and create effective campaigns targeting international growth? It all starts with your recruiting plan and defining who you are targeting and where. Make your recruiting appealing to others in the global market, understand what the international franchise community wants, what carries value for them and how best to communicate with these franchise buyers. Generally speaking, master franchises or master licenses are the preferred candidate for international franchise growth.

Training and Support

Understand that for your franchise to succeed in other nations, you’ll have to have an amazing training and support system in place. Much like the telephone game, your message weakens as it is passed down the line and certainly when you change environments with new countries and regions. Build technology into your training and support which will allow for effective virtual support. Get ready for travel and plan on having boots on the street in the franchisee’s markets for some extended time in order to really facilitate successful launches in these countries. This will help your new franchise owner to be successful in the brand from the moment they start and keep the relationship strong moving forward. Offer a support team dedicated to their start-up and beginning so that they can become a great ambassador for your brand and confirm that the brand is being managed appropriately. There are countless success stories of international franchise growth, all of which required amazing training and support programs. Be sure that everyone from the owner down to the customer service representatives have solid training and support throughout.

Maintaining the Brand

It can be difficult when you go across the world to maintain the brand you have set forth in your own market. Be sure that everything that is being used from fliers and advertising to the buildings and location all keep the brand that you have set forth with the same integrity, images, look, feel and quality that got your domestic business where it is today. Make sure that any and all products imported or used in the operation of the business are of the standard and quality that people have come to know and expect from your brand. It doesn’t take much to completely diminish the brand you have worked hard to build with poorly executed management of international franchise growth.

Understanding How and Where to Franchise

One way to understand how and where to start sending your global franchise is to work with a company that can help you with the market trends and analyze consumer data to know where your industry is seeing growth. My advice, don’t look at the developed markets, look to the up and coming markets like Qatar, Zambia, Eastern Europe and others where growth is exponential. Developed markets such as Europe and Canada may be opportunities but certainly wouldn’t present as much upside as areas like these. A good source would be international marketing or business consultants based in those regions to support a good understanding for those markets. They can assist you in making the right choices on where there’s a definite need for your product or service and where you might flourish. You do not want to just randomly send your brand to other locations. You want to be sure that there is a demand for your supply when franchising out. It can be difficult to know the best locations but with the help of a solid franchise company, you can make that right choice easier.

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How to Build a Franchise Training Program

Franchising out your business is a great way to share your brand, products and services with thousands, even millions of people around the world. One of the most critical parts of having a franchise is your franchise training programs and the platform that delivers content to new franchise owners. While you know the ins and outs of your business and brand, your new franchise owner and employees do not. That is why having a solid training program in place is critical from the moment you decide to franchise and scale your business. These are a few of the components that every training should include:

Training Curriculum
Items in your curriculum need to include technology and computer training, how your brand is marketed and the ways you deliver your value proposition to the market, what is acceptable for customer service standards and more. You’ll need to also include training on how your inventory is handled, the point of sale systems you use and policies that employees should follow throughout the work day.

If you’re conducting the presentations then you should have a plan in place before the day of the presentation. Being prepared is key in making sure that you present the information in a way that everyone involved can understand it and will stay engaged. This could be the first initial impression your new franchisees are getting of the brand they are working with and it’s imperative that it is a good one. Regardless of what you think is happening, your franchisees are judging you in this presentation and constantly gauging whether they feel buyer’s remorse for making the franchise investment. Incorporate visuals into as many aspects of the presentation as possible, people like to SEE in presentations, not READ off the PowerPoint. Take the time to deliver a solid presentation and you will realize the return for years to come.

It’s best to have a solid structure in how you are training or presenting the material needed for a successful franchise. Start with the basics and perhaps share a bit on how the brand came to be, what the brand stands for and why they should be proud to work with a powerful brand such as yours. You also want to go over any set rules or regulations and structure it so that it’s received well.

How Can You Provide a Good Training Environment?
The environment that your new employees and franchise owners train in can make or break their training experience. When you’re setting up the environment you want to make it comfortable for learning but not so relaxing that they fall asleep in class. Be sure to provide plenty of breaks for getting up and moving around so that everyone can keep on task and try to make the setting as professional and welcoming as possible. If you don’t have a fancy office to hold training at, consider a conference room with the trainees at a hotel close to you office, they are inexpensive and can do the trick. Also consider group projects together to help the team start to work together as they will when they are in the business location.

Follow-up to Training
Always provide follow-up to training for your managers, owners, and employees. Have a contact number or a website/email for the owners to contact you when they have questions. There are going to be questions that pop up as they begin to work in the brand and franchise itself. They need to know they have the support required to make this a success. Nothing is worse than having questions you need answered for a new job and there’s no one there to answer them. You can also add follow-up training classes to help expand on different aspects of the job.

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Franchise Operations Manuals: Documenting your Way to Success

Successful franchising is directly correlated to the ability to teach processes, replicate business units and leverage systems to show a franchisee how to operate their business. This process of duplication starts with having great operating documentation in place. The operations manual is the centerpiece of any solid franchise brand. It is truly the epitome of what makes a franchise concept valuable to the franchisee. When launching a new franchise system, the operations manual must be a priority and needs the time, effort and focus in order to have a franchise program that offers value.

What makes a good operations manual and how should a manual be structured to best franchise my business?

The manual needs to have layout and structure that is clear, concise and understandable for the reader.

1. The manual should flow in a way that takes the reader through the logical steps of establishing their business. We recommend the initial part of the manual should focus on introducing the relationship to the franchisor and how the franchisee should expect to interact with the franchisor. Document the resources available to the franchisee in this section and make it clear how you would like to work with them during the term of the franchise engagement. Have you heard the term “good fences make good neighbors”? This section sets the tone and helps the franchisee how you want to be dealt with and how they can get the most out of this relationship.

2. The first sections should then take the franchisee into establishing the business and the particulars around opening the business successfully. Elements such as how to negotiate the lease, finding the ideal location, getting insurance, hiring staff and setting up accounting processes would be focuses of these sections. The more specific and detailed these sections are the better off you as the franchisor will be. Franchisees not only want and need detail, but legally, as the franchisor, you want your operations manual to have specific information as this document does have legal ramifications to you. We recommend having your attorney review the manual before it is put into practice.

3. As the manual transitions into operating protocol, we start with the basics. Administrative management, bookkeeping, setting up payroll processing and managing the backend of the business. If your franchise offers technology or outsourced services as part of the franchise relationship, this section will describe how franchisees should work with these tools and understand how to extract value from them. For example, CRM management, accounting software or loyalty marketing programs. Accounting and bookkeeping should encompass a significant portion of this section of the franchise operations manual.

4. We then take the franchisee into employment practices and understanding how to build your team within the franchise brand. Obvious details should include laws regulating employment, OSHA requirements, fair labor standards, insurance requirements and job descriptions, but you should be extremely careful with how to document this section in order to avoid your being considered a joint employer of the franchisee’s staff by the National Labor Relations Board. This has been a particular hot topic in the franchise community with McDonald’s being in the spotlight as of late ( We recommend including several disclaimers throughout the document to make this point clear that you are not in control of how they manage their employees, a good franchise attorney will have language to wrap into your operations manual to address this.

5. The manual should then go into marketing and business development. This portion of the operations manual should explicitly address all aspects of marketing the business and direction for how best to build a customer base. The marketing portion should start with strategy and metrics related to effective customer acquisition. Good numbers go a long way in this portion of the operations manual and should lay out the numbers based on your experience. For example, we need X leads to get 1 consultation and based on our experience, it takes Y consultations to close one sale. Our average cost per lead is $25, so your typical sale should be a total cost of $Z dollars. We also recommend including examples of all forms, business cards, brochures, marketing materials and collateral that is available to them on a private franchise intranet. The Franchise Intranet is a private log in for franchisees where all forms, digital files and documentation can be downloaded and accessed by the franchisee.

Franchising your business demands good systems and documentation, your operations manual is critical in being able to develop your brand through the franchise channel. For more information on how to write your franchise information manual, contact us:

Lice Ladies Announces Expansion into Dallas, Texas

Head Lice Removal Franchise Rapidly Expanding & Opening First Dallas Center in the DFW Community


Dallas, TX – There is a new premier head lice clinic in the DFW community, and it comes packaged together as an extremely efficient franchised business.

Rockwall/Heath, resident Rachel Silverstein, is opening the first Texas franchise of Lice Ladies, a service that takes an all-natural approach to the effective treatment of head lice and nits. With four corporate locations in the state of Georgia and franchised in 2015, Lice Ladies is one of the fastest-expanding niche concepts available on the market today. Lice Ladies Dallas, located at, 807 N. Goliad, Rockwall, TX 75087, will celebrate its grand opening on Saturday, March 12th at 11:00AM.

New owner of Lice Ladies Dallas, Rachel Silverstein says, “I decided to invest in this brand for a number of reasons. Having experienced lice in my own family and being a former client of Lice Ladies Atlanta, I wanted to bring Lice Ladies’ amazing service and products to the Dallas market.” Rachel has a Bachelor’s degree in business and is also a medical aesthetician. “Using the knowledge I acquired from the Lice Ladies corporate office in Atlanta, I hope to help families get rid of their head lice infestations and educate on how to help prevent re-infestation. Each family deserves the best possible experience when dealing with the stressful issue of human head lice.”

Lice Ladies Founder, Jennie Lasater, added, “We are excited to welcome Rachel Silverstein into the Lice Ladies family of franchise owners as we expand into the Dallas market!”

DFW owner, Rachel Silverstein is inviting the DFW community to come by and meet the staff.  Rachel said, “We are extremely lucky and fortunate that our founding owner, Jennie Lasater, will be here.”


For more information on Lice Ladies Dallas:

844-327-LICE or 844-327-5423

807 N. Goliad, Rockwall, TX 75087

About Lice Ladies

Lice Ladies corporate clinics offer a professional Head Lice removal service in the metro Atlanta area with four metro locations, as well as our new franchise in Dallas, TX. Lice Ladies has a focus on the all-natural, safe and effective treatment, and removal of head lice and nits.


CONTACT:   Franchise Marketing Systems –

Phone: 800-610-0292


Your Franchise’s Competitive Advantage

Prospective franchisors ask us all the time: What is the most important competitive advantage: Cost, Product, Niche?   I believing achieving competency is the most important competitive advantage.   Competence is the only path to excellence, and it’s really excellence that is the ultimate competitive edge.   A franchise is often called an ordinary business run extraordinarily.  Here are the essential elements needed to run your business extraordinarily.

The path to competence (Competitive Advantage):

Knowledge: Learn and know the best practice of your industry.

Education:  Learn how to execute best practices.  That will take talent, and skills to hone that talent.

Hire the best possible:  By understanding the best is the best way to identify skills, talent and excellence.  Don’t take the word or paper of the have them show you.  For example- bring a line cook into the kitchen and have him/her create a simple dish

Train:  Keep up skills and knowledge- keeping updated will keep your franchise competitive.

On-going improvement: Setting goals without the ability to achieve is useless.  Make sure you are giving the tools to succeed.   “We’ve always done it this way” is unacceptable.

Awards and Recognition:  Strive to be the best and let the world know.  The only way to win is to have the drive, talent, skill, knowledge to WIN.

Competency is not “the minimum level, it’s the maximum level”.  Excellence is achieved by the competent with drive.  Be aware of the level of excellence and keep raising the bar. The bar is always going to be raised, those with competency have the ability to keep up.  Once competency is your competitive edge, then excellence will be easier to achieve.

It is the franchisors responsibility to offer three things: growing the systems, support and training.  Being conscience that your training is part of your obligation, and using that path to competency, will lead to excellence and become your franchises competitive advantage.

Best Places to Start a Business and then Grow Your Franchise

When asked how he was such a productive hitter,  Wee Willie Keeler responded by telling his questioner: “Hit ‘Em Where They Ain’t”    At 5’4”  140 lbs Keeler was one of the smallest yet most productive hitters in the history of baseball.  He simply used the strategy of slapping the ball where the opposing players were not positioned.  He didn’t have to hit the ball out of the park, he just had to make contact and “Hit ‘Em Where They Aint.”

Best Place to Start a Franchise

How does this relate to franchising?   Simply- take the least path of resistance.  Locate your business in a market that has good demand for your service or offer, yet has little competition.  Finding a gap in the market takes time, it also will take discipline.   Rather than finding the hot brand or sexy model, look at your marketplace and look for a need that is being unfulfilled.  Match that unmet need in the marketplace with your franchise.  In many markets matching supply with demand will be a recipe for success.  If promoted properly and vigorously there is a chance that supply creates demand and all of a sudden a single unit can meet need and want.   Getting a good head start on the competition sometime will be insurmountable.  Building awareness and market dominance will keep the competitors away.  Great customer service and a good product will make entering your marketplace a hard road to battle, rather than a least path of resistance.


So when looking for a great place to locate your business, take the advice from Wee Willie Keeler- “Hit ‘Em Where They Aint.”   Despite being the smallest player ever to play in the MLB, that strategy landed him in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Although following his advice won’t land you in the Hall of Fame, it can help you build a successful business and become an important part of your community.

USA Ninja Franchise Opportunity

A Concept that Changes an Industry

Parents around the world are more and more aware and concerned about health issues related to their children.  Obesity and fitness are at the top of the list when it comes to problems that today’s youth encounter with video games and other entertainment keeping children from getting the exercise they need and the entertainment options that keep them engaged.  The founders of USA Ninja, Dale Grant and Richard Knight realized the opportunity and found a niche in children’s fitness that had not been exploited and needed a brand. Combining Fitness with Children’s Entertainment was the key to what makes USA Ninja such an effective combination of both fun entertainment and great fitness options for kids.  With the growth and popularity of the Ninja series reality program, USA Ninja was an immediate hit and had a fast growth curve as the brand was introduced to the market.  Within months, it became clear that the market was larger with more demand then the company could support with company owned growth, so franchising quickly came to light as a viable expansion strategy. 

ninja shirt 

In 2015, USA Ninja Challenge hired Franchise Marketing Systems to develop the franchise concept, operating model and infrastructure in order to allow the children’s fitness model to expand through franchise growth.  Franchise Marketing Systems team of consultants first developed the franchise growth plan to define the fee structure, territory model and market opportunity.  Cash flow analysis was done to create a model that would mutually benefit both franchisor and franchisee along with the vendors and suppliers who would be critical in supporting the growth of the franchise network.  Franchise legal documentation, including the Franchise Disclosure Document, Franchise Agreement, Trademark registrations and franchise state registrations in New York, Maryland, California and other markets were handled by legal counsel.  Franchise operations manuals, training programs and support programs were defined to provide franchisees with the effective support and guidance needed to replicate the children’s fitness model.  Franchise brochures, a franchise website and a franchise sales strategy were developed by Franchise Marketing Systems consultants to recruit and sell franchises.  The franchise sales strategy was focused on the East Coast of the U.S. initially with growth expanding to the Midwest and West Coast in phase 2 and 3.   The franchise market for children’s fitness brands was in a high growth rate and the need to have rapid market coverage was immediately apparent.  A variety of Franchise marketing channels were implemented to have as wide of a net as possible including franchise brokers, franchise internet lead generation, Franchise tradeshows and franchise public relations. 


In 2016, the USA Ninja franchise marketing program was implemented and launched with immediate success.  New units were opened in the Northeastern markets where they could leverage the brand and support staff from the franchisor.  The franchise concept was structured to offer what was defined as an “In-Gym” and offered the USA Ninja program to existing gymnastics and children’s fitness gym businesses.  Mr. Grant brought a deep background in the gymnastics field and was able to leverage connections with in the industry quickly and open new locations with this In-Gym model.  The Full Gym concept was a larger, full service branded USA Ninja model offered franchisees a bigger revenue opportunity.  Full Gym USA Ninja franchises required an investment range of $150k – $350k, while In-Gym franchises allowed for a franchise investment of less than $20k in most cases. 


In only a year, the USA Ninja brand has been able to open in excess of 10 new franchise locations and continues to expand quickly.  With solid support and continued franchisee validation, the brand should continue to see expansion opportunities with a growing consumer market and growing trend in the children’s franchise market segment. 


For more information on how to franchise your children’s fitness business, contact Franchise Marketing Systems:

The Top Performing Franchises of 2015 -Franchise Marketing Systems


Franchising: Tiers of Growth

2015 has been another year of significant growth for the franchise industry in general. With more growth comes more responsibility, time and effort.  We define franchise systems by where they are in the evolution of their growth and understanding for the franchise business.  These Franchise Marketing Systems brands had success in 2015 and are entering 2016 with continued aggressive growth in mind.


Tier 1 Franchisor:

These franchise brands opened their first franchise and are beginning to scale effectively.  They’ve just sold their first franchise and officially have become a franchisor and have gotten into the franchise industry.  Clients who sold their first franchise in 2015:


Antimicrobial Franchise – Reached 4 Franchises in 2015.

Fire & Rice

Mobile Food Service Franchise – Sold First 2 Franchises in 2015.

The Haven

Resident Senior Care Franchise – Reached 7 Units in 2015.

New Again Carpet & Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Franchise – Sold first unit franchise

Middle Spoon

Desert Bar FranchiseSold 2 Franchises in 2015.

Vital Restoration

Water Restoration Franchise – Sold 5 Franchises in 2015.


Grout Cleaning Franchise – Sold first unit franchise

Bin It

Storage Franchise – Sold first unit franchise

Cocktail Wax

Waxing Franchise – Sold first franchise

1Heart Cargivers

Senior Franchise – Sold the first 3 Franchises

The Brake Squad

Mobile Brake Repair – Sold first franchise

Patch Boys

Handyman Franchise – Sold first 5 Franchises

Classic Commercial Services

Cleaning Franchise – Reached 4 Franchises in 2015.

Lov Juice

Juicing Franchise – Sold First Franchise in 2015, reached 4 Units.

Everything Christmas

Christmas Retail Franchise – Sold 4 Franchises in 2015.

Lice Ladies

Lice Removal Franchise – Sold First Franchise in 2015.


Tier 2 Franchisor:

These systems typically have 1-7 units, they have been franchising for 1-2 years and are just beginning to get validation through franchisee’s success.  Heavy focus on sales, low operating budget and typically the founder is still the primary human capital involved in operating the franchise business.  Franchise Marketing Systems clients who entered this phase of growth in 2015:

Bloomin Blinds

Blind Sales Franchise – Reached 8 Units in 2015.

Simple Computer Repair

Computer Repair Franchise – Reached 7 Units in 2015.


Maid Service Franchise – Reached 9 Units in 2015


Trampoline Franchise – Reached 8 Units in 2015.

Brakes For Less

Brake Repair – Reached 12 Units in 2015.

Global Garage Flooring

Garage Floor Franchise – Reached 7 Units in 2015.

Headlights 20/20

Headlight Repair Franchise – Reached 8 Units in 2015.

Montessori Kids Universe

Education Franchise – Sold 3 Franchises in 2015.


Tier 3 Franchisor:

These franchises have between 8 and 50 units and have been in the industry typically for 2-5 years and have achieved some consistent growth in both new unit sales and from the operating unit financials.  A team is now in place with 2-5 good support team members and a system for opening, supporting and add value to franchisees is coming into its own.’  Key Performance Indicators are new franchise sales, but are driven by higher quality operators.   Brands in this category include:

LifeLine Repairs – Mobile Technology Repair Franchise – Reached 32 Units in 2015.

The Lost Cajun – Cajun Restaurant Franchise – Reached 14 Units in 2015.

Blue Moon Estate Sales – Estate Sales Franchise – Reached 14 Franchises in 2015.

Splash and Dash For Dogs – Pet Services Franchise – Reached 33 Franchises in 2015.

East of Chicago Pizza – Pizza Franchise – Sold 12 Franchises in 2015, total Units 84.

Postal Connections – Shipping Franchise – Reached 43 Franchises in 2015.

Andy Oncall – Repair Franchise – Reached 38 Franchises in 2015.

Renter’s Warehouse – Property Management – Reached 27 Franchises in 2015.

Seva Beauty – Brow Franchise – Reached 74 Franchises in 2015.

Garage Floor Coatings – Flooring Franchise – Reached 28 dealers in 2015.

Junk King – Junk Removal Franchise – Reached 70 units in 2015.

Executive Home Care – Senior Care Franchise – Reached 15 Franchises in 2015.

Caliber Patient Care – Medical Transportation Franchise – Reached 37 Franchises in 2015.

The Flower Tent – Flower Retail Franchise – Reached 93 Franchises in 2015.

Romp and Roll – Children’s Franchise – Reached 70 Franchises in 2015 including China.

Ecoview Windows – Window Franchise – Reached 24 Dealers in 2015.

Caring Matters Home Care – Senior Care – Reached 67 Units in 2015.

Philly Connection – Food Truck Franchise – Reached 37 Units in 2015.


Tier 4 Franchisor:

These franchise systems have achieved significant scale, have an established team in place of 5-10 professional franchise support staff, understand unit level economics and typically have a system-wide network of 100-200 franchises.  Brands in this category include:

Mad Science Group – Children’s Franchise – Reached 126 Franchises in 2015.

Rosati’s Pizza – Pizza Restaurant Franchise – Reached 123 Units in 2015.

Bruster’s Ice Cream – Ice Cream Franchise – Reached 200 Units in 2015.

Jantize America – Commercial Cleaning Franchise – Reached 308 Franchises in 2015.

Green Home Solutions / Mosquito Terminators – Home Services Franchise – Reached 180 Units in 2015.

Lunchbox Waxing – Wax Franchise – Reached 113 Units in 2015.

Discovery Maps – Advertising Franchise – Reached 130 Units in 2015.

Tier 5 Franchisor:

Mature franchise systems with 300 units or more.  These systems are at their peak and have capitalized on complete scale.  Franchisees consist largely of multi-unit owners, the executive team at the franchisor will be 15-30 people on staff.  Key Performance Indicators are driven by training, support, technology and reporting.  Brands in this category include:

Anytime Fitness_franchise

Anytime Fitness – Fitness Franchise – Reached 3,000 units in 2015.

moving franchise

Two Men and a Truck – Moving Franchise – Reached 300 units in 2015.

matco tools franchise

Matco Tools – Mobile Tool Franchise – Reached 1500 units in 2015.

berlitz franchise

Berlitz – Education Franchise – Reached 600 units in 2015.


For more information on how to Franchise Your Business, Contact Us:


FROM-US Extends Opportunity Across the Globe


Join this innovative solution for purchases in the USA. 


FROM-US.COM’s concept is simple: allow any customer in the world to have access to any American product on any American website. Many American companies don’t ship internationally and even when they do, the shipping costs can be very high. Another problem encountered when trying to buy on the internet in the USA is the refusal of credit cards. Franchise Network

What do we offer?

Our franchise network allows franchisees:

  • access to the FROM-US.COM’s concept and experienced know-how
  • an ability to use the brand, to get the FROM-US.COM’s assistance and specialized training
  • a general dynamic global communication which is already in place
  • a simplified management through a centralized network
  • an opportunity to manage your own business from your laptop
  • to be part of a dynamic Franchisee Professional Network where you may bring your own ideas to the table
  • to benefit from the uptrend path of International Cross-Border e-Commerce activity
  • to benefit from future ongoing services as added values


What you will receive:

Working under the franchise FROM-US.COM is very simple! The management structure of the activity is centralised by the Franchisor. So, all orders and all customers are processed by the Franchisor’s team.

Franchisees are involved in the following tasks:

  • The promotion of the brand on the licensed territory though intensive web marketing activity
  • Management of First Level Customer Support on the licensed territory (e-mails; phone calls, chat with customers).
  • Profit up to 75% of commission! Training


  • Theoretical and practical initial training
  • Continuous training
  • Start-up assistance
  • Ongoing support: marketing, IT, HR, accounting
  • Help in the development of a communication plan
  • Animation
  • Evolution and innovation of the concept and know-how
  • Participation in franchisees’ quarterly meetings to interact and make strong suggestions


What do you need?

Motivation and experience are the most important qualities for working with us. The Franchisee is in charge of local communication and local customer support management. That is why he or she has to prove capacity, responsibility and experience in marketing communication, web marketing and e-business.

Are you motivated and ready to make money? This opportunity is for you!


Become a Master Franchise:

FROM-US.COM offers an opportunity to create your own franchise network under a Master Franchise agreement.

The Master Franchise Agreement gives:

  • the rights for the Development and Launch of FROM-US.COM Franchise network on the licensed territory
  • access to the FROM-US.COM’s concept and know-how
  • access to brand awareness
  • the opportunity to manage your own franchise network
  • the benefit of ongoing assistance and training
  • the chance to grow your network
  • increased economic performance
  • the opportunity to improve brand image


The Franchise Development is available in a number of regions and countries: Map


Interested? To learn more Call Today  800-610-0292

Flower Tent Franchise

The Flower Tent Franchise

The Flower Tent Franchise model is a story of distribution and brand development through franchising.  Tom Ansilio had developed the Flower Tent model after several business ventures in the restaurant industry, retail and other business ventures.  It started as a t-shirt venture selling apparel and other items.  Mr. Ansilio had found that setting up tents in ideal locations with high traffic drove volume and the model had significantly lower overhead than a comparable fixed location retail space would.  After some brainstorming and realization that flowers worked and the season was shorter allowing for a work-life balance, the Flower Tent brand was born in 1990. 


The Flower Tent Franchise model is very unique retail model and it took some time to educate the customer as to what the value proposition was.  The convenience, fun experience and high quality of the products made this a simple transition as the business grew from several tents to almost 30 company owned locations in a short time period.  It wasn’t long before the operational issues and employee turnover in retail businesses became a barrier to growth and a detriment to the expansion of the Flower Tent brand.  In 2009, Mr. Ansilio franchised the business model in order to overcome the operational complexities inherent in company owned growth.  Franchise Marketing Systems developed the documentation, infrastructure and marketing model for developing the Flower Tent franchise platform.  Through independent business ownership, the franchisees would take on the operational responsibilities and day to day management of the business model. 


The organization began to franchise in 2009 and has over a short time opened over 120 locations in 9 different states, several franchises with multiple locations.  The concept is very straight forward, simple in operational nature and offers a seasonal franchise opportunity, all of which franchise investors have found very attractive.  By off loading the operational responsibilities to franchisees, Mr. Ansilio was able to focus on strategic initiatives and ways to build the business more effectively.   


As the business has grown, so too has the management team and the organizational structure of Flower Tent.  Solid legal counsel has been brought in to oversee the compliance side of the franchise, marketing and sales personnel were recruited to support franchise development work, branding experts provided new looks, materials and websites.  Strategic relationships with marketing and media companies allowed the franchisees to leverage greater buying power and marketing scale.  As the organization grew, there was a renewed focus on the retail model and the operations, franchisees unit performance has grown and the business has expanded into markets far away from headquarters.    


Ultimately, Flower Tent has a unique position in the retail market with strong unit level economics which have helped the organization become a successful franchise system.  With solid management and a continued focus on the operational unit, Flower Tent should continue to grow as a retail franchise platform. 


For more information on how to franchise your retail business, contact us: