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Effective Franchise Sales Requires PROCESS.  Franchise Marketing Systems offers a customized franchise management CRM system.  The Solution is web-based and will assist you and your franchise sales professionals in managing franchise sales leads more effectively and closing a higher percentage of your leads as new franchise partners.

Franchise development is a numbers game, it takes typically 70-200 leads depending on investment range for a franchise model to sell a single unit franchise opportunity.

Because of this, the need for management systems and sales management technology is critical for a growing franchise organization in order to maximize, time, resources and lead execution.

The system has been intentionally designed to offer speed, efficiency and franchise specific sales programs that are designed specifically for the franchise industry.  Successful franchise sales campaigns are dependent on effectively managing the leads while managing a franchise sales process that can be easily integrated throughout an organization. The Franchise Marketing Systems CRM has been designed specifically for franchise organizations to manage the entire franchise recruitment process from lead management to the sign-up of a new franchisee.

      • Lead Parsing – Automated Lead Collection
      • Simple and Easy Sales Documentation – Track activities of your sales people
      • Customizeable Interfaces for using the system – Manage your data more effectively
      • Simple to Generate reports and Feedback on sales progress and overall Franchise Development Campaign
      • Web-based cloud solution – no servers or hardware
      • Targeted Email Blasting Directly From System
      • Calendar and scheduling system that integrates with mobile phones

Don’t spend so much time worrying about whether your franchise sales process is working or what your sales people are doing each day, integrate the Franchise Marketing Systems CRM and take control of the process.  This allows you to make better management decisions and to get more out of your franchise development program.

The Franchise Marketing Systems CRM is priced very economically and allows for scale as the organization grows:

Set Up Fee:  $250

License Fee (Per User Per Month):  $95/mo for the first user and $75/mo for each user thereafter.

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