Franchisee Marketing

Franchise Marketing Systems, through FMSConnect, offers a wide range of franchise marketing services which can help your franchisee’s market and sell your products and services more effectively. Strong franchise development systems are consistently looking for and evaluating ways to help franchisees drive traffic, clients and ultimately business to their franchisees, FMSConnect offers a wide range of technology solutions and marketing platforms to deliver these services to your franchisees.


What is FMS Connect?

i. Good franchise systems have great marketing models for the operating units within their network. As a franchisor, you should constantly be evaluating tools, strategies and ways you can help your franchisees build their customer base. FMSConnect is a platform designed to work with franchise models and provide a solution for franchisors and franchisees.
ii. Loyalty marketing technology – designed specifically for the franchise market:
1. What it is – systems that are easy to manage, streamlined for scale and allow your franchisees to communicate with their customers.
2. How it benefits you – the franchisee’s customers will come back to the business more frequently and spend more in the business. More return business means more consistent revenues which means happier franchisees and ultimately stronger royalty streams.
3. How it works – simple and easy to use process which uploads the customer base onto a software platform. Software develops and manages ways to keep in touch with the customer on a regular basis, update social media and give customers a reason to come back to the business.
4. What is the Investment? – $100 – $250 per month, depending on the service model.
iii. The numbers are literally staggering how much a good loyalty program will impact the business’ bottom line – the reason most business or franchise owners don’t focus on this opportunity is quite simply they don’t have the time to manage it.

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