franchise background checks

Full Franchise Background Checks

Franchise Marketing Systems provides full franchise background and franchise credit checks for franchisors. Quick, easy and professional so you can make the best decision on each franchise you sell.

When you franchise your business, it is critical to know who you are granting franchises to and what their true background is before you award a franchise territory. Part of a good franchise qualification process is to go through franchise background and credit checks with each candidate to verify their ability as a franchisee of your business. Franchise development allows you to make decisions as to who is joining your system as you expand your brand, good franchisors know that it is easier to say no to someone before they have signed a franchise agreement than after the Franchise Agreement is signed.

Why are background checks important for you as a franchisor?
– Protect your franchise brand.
– Protect your franchise validation.
– Recruit only the best franchisees into your system.
– Make informed decisions as to whether a potential buyer will help move your franchise forward.
– Get higher performance from your franchisees.

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