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4 Franchise Marketing Strategies to Bring in Clients During the Slow Season

Unfortunately no business is resistant to the slow season. While there is no way to completely end the slow times of year, there are ways to improve sales so they aren’t quite as bad. A good franchise marketing plan is going to be necessary in all cases, but before you can create a strong marketing plan, you have to figure out what action will drive traffic to your business. Here are four things to try or keep in mind as you work on your slow season franchise marketing plans.

How Much Can I Make in a Franchise?

This is a short overview of some of the successful franchise systems on the market and how much they cost. Also includes are Royalty Fees, Franchise Fees and Franchise Advertising Fees.

Franchise Development: Franchise Growth for New Brands in 2015

It has become obvious to me that the successful franchise systems and solid franchise investments for franchisees are not always the brand names you see on TV or see a celebrity endorsing. The failure rates for large, established franchise brands in certain cases are higher than startup franchises and don’t seem to provide any consistency from an investor’s standpoint.

International Franchise Growth: Building Brands Around the World

AVA Creative, the latest professional services brand from the Middle East has just launched a franchise model offered to professionals interested in building a business in the growing architectural and interior design market space. This segment creates opportunity for not only the professional in that with the AVA franchise model they are able to start a new business with a low initial investment while leveraging a team of highly skilled architects, but also the AVA Brand and ability to attract larger national brands in need of professional architectural services.

How to Design a Franchise Model- Building the Product

Franchising is a viable and effective way to build a business, brand and operating model across markets with speed and efficiency. It is has been proven to be one of the most effective and profitable business growth systems in the world over the past one hundred years.

Want to Improve Franchise Sales? Read This.

Franchise development and franchise sales are like any other sales process, you have a product, you should have a defined buyer and you need to get your product in front of this buyer, the difference in a franchise sales process is that you are selling intellectual property, this is different for most sales people and takes […]

Franchise Sales: Pre-Qualifying Franchise Buyers

Similar to buying a home, it is vital that a perspective franchise buyer has realistic expectations, preparation and know cash flow capabilities to invest. For years, mortgage companies have pre-qualified borrowers to establish a price range for the home they would lend to. The benefits are many, including a pre-qualification provides tremendous buying power and the right guidance on lending ratios—debt to income level, for example. This knowledge gives the buyer confidence for making purchase decisions.