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Franchise Development

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Franchise Development

Building a business is a time consuming and life changing experience.  It takes years of work to build most businesses and even years more to realize financial returns from them.  Franchising a business or growing through licensing can have the same sort of growth pattern that a typical business development model might follow.  The first year or so will be a slower build up as marketing, PR and sweat equity get the word out regarding a business opportunity and then people begin to buy in.  The really intriguing element of franchising or licensing is that once the system begins to build momentum it can have a tremendous snow ball effect and the growth can develop exponentially.

In following this process of building a franchise system and replicating a business model, it is critical to allow for new partners to have their own feeling of ownership.  If someone joins a franchise or license model and feels that they are treated as an employee or less than equal in the business relationship, it is very typical for these systems to struggle.  The franchise organizations that have succeeded in a shor time period have done so through a culture and relationship model that breeds cooperative work together.  The Franchisor and Franchisees do not look at one another as different parties, they are a team and both have the same goals in building the franchise system they are a part of.

When considering franchising, for some, it might be a good test to evaluate your ability as a boss and leader.  If you are a strong leader and your staff are empowered by your presence and guidance, franchising could be a fit for your persona.