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American Patriot Solar Franchise

Posted by Christopher James Conner on Jan 1, 2013 11:00:00 PM


To develop a brand that creates value for residential and commercial clients who want to utilize solar power to benefit from government grants and the benefit of lower ongoing utility costs from the use of solar power.  By offering great pricing to the end user, fantastic customer service and having an inherent understanding for the solar industry, American Patriot has the opportunity to build and create a brand that is a leader in the solar power and installation market throughout the U.S.  By acquiring 60 new franchise partners over the course of the coming five years, American Patriot will be able to effectively develop the national marketplace for solar installation and service.  Franchisees will utilize the coaching, support, branding and strategic alliances that American Patriot have developed over the past three years to build their business and shorten the learning curve for launching a successful solar installation business. 

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