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Flower Tent Franchise

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The Flower Tent Franchise Business Opportunities

The Flower Tent Franchise model is very unique retail model.  It combines the benefits of a truly seasonal business concept with those of a highly profitable retail concept.  Through the development of an almost 20 year run of opening and successfully running Flower Tent business concepts, the model has truly been proven out and duplicated over 45 different operational locations.

The organization began to franchise in 2009 and has in a short time sold 7 franchises, several with multiple locations.  The concept is very straight forward.  Open the tent locations with the inventory that Flower Tent provides through the multiple green house production facilities, benefit from the marketing and advertising that Flower Tent does for the brand and the retail flower locations and provide great customer service.  You better be willing to work hard for a few months, but once the flower season is over, you can basically take the rest of the year off.

Flower Tent fills a unique void in the franchise marketplace.  There are very few flower retail franchises on the market at all, but even fewer that offer a completely seasonal business model like Flower Tent has.  There is no fixed location that Flower Tent franchises need to have….just a tent!  That leave plenty of room for big margins and more money going into pockets of retail flower franchise owners!