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Franchise My Business - Size and Longevity

how to franchise my organization

8 Key attributes of franchising- Size and longevity

Does my company have what it takes to be a Franchise System?

Franchising my company

Does my company have what it takes to be a Franchise System?

(Part 1 in a 9 part series)

How to Sell Franchises Using the EB-5 Program

How to sell franchises to foreign investors

In many cases, the world of franchising will bring franchisor and franchisee together from all parts of the world.  If in some cases, the franchisee is from another country and may be coming to the United States in order to start their franchised business here. 

Franchising and Investing - Heating Up in 2014

Franchise IPO

The Financial Markets are Heating Up....Have you Been Positioning your Business for Growth and an ideal Valuation?

Franchisees Vs. Entrepreneurs - What's the difference?

Franchise Your Business

In speaking with a franchisor I worked with for some time, she had a comment that struck me as being something I should write down.

How to Franchise – Supporting Franchise Growth

Franchising as a vehicle for growth

The primary driver for franchising a business is to turn a business into a vehicle for growth, using intellectual property and systems as opposed to your own two hands to build your vision and brand in markets outside of your own.  Building a business through franchising and creating scale in a business where scale is fundamentally not there to begin with can be a difficult proposition for many business owners. 

How To Franchise: The Art of Franchise Qualification

Franchise Sales Qualification

The Art of Franchise Qualification

Should I Franchise My Business?

Should I franchise my business?

The following criteria provides a general starting point in evaluating the franchisability of a business.  While there are many variables and factors to truly assess a business’ viability, these points should help in the assessment.  It is recommended that for a more precise analysis that a consultation be conducted by a seasoned franchise consultant to fully determine franchisability.

How to Market and Sell Franchises

How to Sell Franchises

How to Market and Sell Franchises

Improving Franchise Sales

Franchise Consultants

Franchise development and franchise sales are like any other sales process, you have a product, you should have a defined buyer and you need to get your product in front of this buyer, the difference in a franchise sales process is that you are selling intellectual property, this is different for most sales people and takes some time to transition to get comfortable with the process.

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