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Many companies have utilized franchising as a way to grow their businesses across the United States and around the world. Hundreds and in some cases thousands of units have been opened in very short time periods by many different franchise brands. The basic premise, is that one company who has a good business model and understanding of how to run their type of business can teach other business owners how to be successful doing the same thing. In return the ones who learn from the credible business owners pay a franchise fee and royalty for that knowledge and training. It really can be an amazing thing when franchising successfully builds “win-win” relationships between so many different parties.

When a company decides to offer franchises of its business model, they begin to look for potential franchisees who will then open locations of their concept. It is with that principal that companies use trade shows as a potential avenue for meeting new franchise buyers.

Franchise Sales

A Franchise sale is unique and different from most other sales. It is the formation of a long term relationship between two business parties. Unlike in the sale of a good or a short-term service, this transaction has a lasting relationship that in many franchise contracts extends to twenty years or longer. When a franchise company exhibits at a franchise trade show to meet new buyers they are in the first stages of forming a long partnership with those people. With that in mind the trade show takes on a new light. This decision has enormous consequences for both sides of the transaction. The buyers at a franchise trade show analyze everything about the franchisors and are carefully evaluating everything about the company. This is a very big decision for most franchise investors and they will be extremely cautious about who they get into business with. The Franchisors exhibiting at franchise shows must have their best presentation ready to go and be totally on top of their game in order to impress potential buyers.

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